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30 Seconds a Day, 7 Days a Week[/custom_headline] [responsive_text selector=”.responsive-heading” compression=”1.5″]

[button href=”” target=”blank” shape=”square” size=”large” block=”true” class=”button-purple” ] Buy Now [/button][/text_output][gap size=”1.313em” id=”” class=”” style=””][accordion id=”” class=”product-info-acc” style=””][accordion_item open=”true” parent_id=”” title=”About Advanced Exfoliator” id=”” class=”” style=””]NuCerity Advanced Exfoliator is perfect for brightening the tone and texture of your face, but also great for smoothing and rejuvenating any dry, rough skin area such as elbows, knees, and heels. Our cutting-edge exfoliation technology is powerful enough to aggressively remove dead skin cells, deep clean and clear out even the most clogged pores, yet gentle enough on the skin to use every day. With its advanced age-defying formulation, which combines a mixture of the world’s most powerful high-exfoliant properties, all you need is 30 seconds a day for smoother, cleaner, brighter skin.

  • Brushes away dead cells that lie on the surface of the skin
  • Natural vitamins and minerals remove the bacteria trapped in dead skin cells that are primarily responsible for acne and other blemishes
  • Natural anti-inflammatories then nourish and protect the skin from compounds that cause age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles

[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”Directions For Use” id=”” class=”” style=””]Apply a small amount to dry skin and gently massage in a circular motion for 30–60 seconds. Rinse with warm water, and pat dry. Use no more than once daily. Your skin is now fully cleansed, clear, and prepped for Skincerity—or any of the other wonderful NuCerity product—to be applied. For external use only. Avoid eye area. Suitable for all skin types.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”” title=”Videos” id=”” class=”” style=””]