Every Day With Nucerity Is A Brand New Day For Sloan Fisher

//Every Day With Nucerity Is A Brand New Day For Sloan Fisher

Every Day With Nucerity Is A Brand New Day For Sloan Fisher

Diamond Sloan Fisher from Vernon, British Columbia, loves to help others see that “anything is possible in this abundant universe.” NuCerity is the vehicle by which she does that…

“I was introduced to NuCerity in June 2010 by Mary Bullard and Deb Schneider. I was in the midst of doing some real soul searching and looking for a new career after a huge financial loss with a franchise my husband and I had invested in. I met Mary at a career development program, and she and I decided that we would like to be in business together. She called and told me she had heard about a new opportunity and asked if I would like to come and take a look at it with her. Being open-minded, I thought ‘why not?’

“Debbie Schneider presented the opportunity to us. After I heard her tell us about this amazing product, people, pay plan and positioning of the company, I was sleepless that night! All I could think of were the possibilities of joining NuCerity and what kind of life I could create! I rolled my face that night to make sure that I was going to like the product. I called Debbie the next day and said, ‘I am all in!’”

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” type=”right”]“There are so many things that are unique and great about NuCerity. The two that strike me the most are first the genuine caring and amazing support that we get from the Founders, Lonnie, David and Richard, as well as the incredible staff and management team. They have always put all of us first as distributors and shown us that they will do whatever it takes to make this a great partnership! We are their partners, and they prove that over and over again with the actions that they take to make this a top-notch company. They have incredible respect for each other and each of us, and for that I am very grateful. It’s because of them that our culture has become like a family to all of us over the last three-plus years that we have been involved. We are very fortunate![/blockquote]

“The second is the incredible category creating product Skincerity, as well as the other amazing products that we have. The ‘wow’ factor and results that we see over and over again from our distributors and customers using them is truly amazing and allows us to be very proud to stand behind and represent them all.”

“What helped me to achieve this rank was again the support of the Founders, support staff, and the mentors and partners that I had encouraging, teaching and believing in me. I also had an amazing team that rallied and supported me and worked very hard to help in any way they could. In this business, we lift each other up. That is why it is so unique to any other career or business that is out there. In order to achieve any goal/rank, you have to have a big personal ‘why’ that is bigger than yourself, which goes hand-in-hand with a burning desire to create your best life, whatever that looks like for you. I also knew that in order for me to get up every day and talk about my passion and vision for NuCerity and how I believe that we can be, do and have whatever we dream of with this company, I had to do it myself. I feel like I am just getting started, and every day is a brand new day with NuCerity!”

“The business advice I have for others is to really work on your belief and your why. Without those, it is very hard to be authentic when sharing the NuCerity products, business opportunity or culture. This can take some time, so you might have to borrow some belief from your team leaders and other distributors that are supporting you. You can strengthen your belief and skills by engaging in all the various tools, events and trainings that NuCerity offers. It is very important to be coachable and not try to reinvent the wheel. NuCerity has proven systems that work, and when you follow the tested and proven model you will have success. It is also very important especially, to always be utilizing a third party to help you present to your prospects. As leaders, we are always still bringing in others to validate the message that we want to get across. This business is all about teamwork; and, when you work with a team and everyone uses their strengths, there is success!”

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” type=”right”]“Creating Beautiful Lives for me is inspiring people to be, do and have anything that they can possibly dream of and design for themselves. I love to help others see that anything is possible in this abundant universe, and NuCerity is an amazing gift that can make that possible for you if you choose to believe in our products, people and business model and want to be part of an amazing culture.”[/blockquote]

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