Mary Bullard found a home in Nucerity; now she’s building an empire!

//Mary Bullard found a home in Nucerity; now she’s building an empire!

Mary Bullard found a home in Nucerity; now she’s building an empire!

Yellow Diamond Mary Bullard from Vernon, British Columbia, had looked into nearly 30 different companies prior to enrolling with NuCerity. Find out what made the difference to her…

“As a mother of two amazingly wonderful boys, I’ve always done whatever it was I had to do to survive. In the process, I was always trading my precious time for money and never ever being able to do what was instilled in me—helping others. I was too busy doing the same things over and over again thinking I could get better results. It made me want to scream! I had worked other network marketing businesses on a very part-time basis while I worked one to three jobs at a time. But, NuCerity is the first company that has given me the opportunity to build an empire! Plus, the company culture is positive, warm and engaging. NuCerity is my home!”

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” type=”right”]“NuCerity was the 29th company I had looked into over the 12 months previous to enrolling. I was simply looking for a company that would allow the average individual to become successful. Enroll for $59? Yup, can do! Activate with 100 PV every 28 days from now until I become Pink Diamond? Ah, okay! Qualify: can you find two people to do what you just did? Hmm…yeah! Get two customers for the life of my business? Shut up! Maximize the compensation plan by personally telling eight people who then do what I did? Are you kidding me! The average person can definitely do all of this. Can you imagine what a seasoned entrepreneur could do with this business? I can!”[/blockquote]

“By keeping it simple! I used to believe that in order to be successful in network marketing, I had to know a lot of people and that I also had to be good at selling. How freaking funny is that! I am now conscious that every single thing I do or say can be duplicated. Every single time I speak, think or act, I say to myself, ‘Am I okay with this being duplicated generation after generation in my business?’”

“Success is your only direction with this business if you lock arms with your team! Have your mentor meeting within your first two days, and focus on your top 10 people. These are people you look up to or admire and people who love to have fun! Then, call those people within the next two days; call some right then and there. Next, connect with a minimum of three of your upline to tell them how excited you are to be a part of NuCerity. Also, ask your upline what their stories are. Hearing three success stories from three completely different people who are available to help you grow your business can only set you up for success! Last thing: Get to the next (and every) corporate event!”

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” type=”right”]“Creating Beautiful Lives for me is all about giving people more options in their lives: Financial independence so they can focus on what’s really important to them and their families; Less complications so they can spend time helping other people and take a special, genuine interest in others’ lives. All this while growing personally is a beautiful thing. A beautiful life creates confidence on the inside with all the growth and on the outside by using Skincerity.”[/blockquote]

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