Mónica Martínez sees NuCerity as the vehicle that will provide her with everything she has ever wanted

How Mónica advanced to Diamond rank:

“First, I changed my mindset. I made a 6-month plan with very precise strategies and also set goals by month, week, day and hour. I also concentrated on reading and listening to daily audios, which was so important and helped nurture my mind and attitude. I looked for all of the people I had met along the way so I could share about the benefits of the products and the business opportunity. Then, we had a 14-day challenge that joined the top three key leaders from Puebla, Mexico City, and Merida to work and focus on their lists and their people. At the same time, I increased my discipline and exercise to gain more energy, and we achieved a successful result.”

“Creating Beautiful Lives means that my life begins to be beautiful, not only for how my skin has changed but for the people I have had the pleasure to meet through this business”“Mónica

Why Mónica did join the business:
“One day, while working, a friend who had been my neighbor for 5 years, looked for me on Facebook and invited me to have coffee with her. I refused. I told her I had too much work to do. She begged me to meet Maru (who was running with the Mexican leaders), and only succeeded in getting me to come to coffee in exchange for helping me work that afternoon. My idea was to advise her to be careful, because as for me, I was already an expert on the subject. The surprise came when I met the team – along with hearing about a product that sounded impressive and with a compensation plan like I had never seen. After just 5 minutes, I said YES. The only reason I joined the company was because deep down inside of me, I knew what I wanted most in life. During that time, I was in the worst economic situation of my life, so it was my salvation to be able to move forward with NuCerity. I told my friend Nydia, that this opportunity is what I had been waiting for. It will be very big, you will see!

What makes NuCerity unique:
“In addition to the great products, the NuCerity community is incredible. The quality of the company’s founders and managers, holding true to the company’s values, make NuCerity great!”

What does CREATING BEAUTIFUL LIVES mean to Mónica:
“Now I understand the meaning of creating beautiful lives. My life begins to be beautiful not only for how my skin has changed, but the people I have had the pleasure to meet. It has also completely changed my critical situation and my life begins to have a promising future for me and my family.”

Tips from Mónica to do the business:
“The first tip is to be very clear about why you are in this business and what benefits it would bring to your life to grow in this opportunity. When you have your dreams clear, plan focused and measurable and clear results, detect leaders, and help them with the development of your team from the very beginning.

The organization of your time and the OPTIMIZATION of the processes give almost immediate results. The most important thing is: DO NOT STOP!!! Sooner or later it will happen. Success is achieved from small daily tasks carried with discipline and focus, and it is inevitable to win. NuCerity is the perfect vehicle to have everything you have ever wanted, to potentialize your abilities, and to succeed as a person. Thank you, NuCerity for becoming part of my life.”