NuCerity congratulates one of our newest Emeralds, Krista Osen, from Queensland, Australia. Find out her tips for building a successful business and Creating Beautiful Lives…

My journey to Emerald has taken me longer than I was hoping it would, however as life happens, there have been many ups, downs, and roadblocks along the way. I had come close to Emerald a few times and I was just that bit short each time. I have doubted myself and wanted to quit many times, questioned if I was doing the right thing, but there was just something – a feeling inside that I knew this is what I wanted to be doing. Along my journey, I have had people join me then drop off and/or out completely, and it was during these times that I considered giving up. However, by choosing not to give up, I’ve met new people and created great friendships with strangers who are now my best friends. These new friends have been the driving factors in helping me reach Emerald because they have so much commitment and drive. We all work extremely well together, and help each other as much as we can. We see each other on a weekly basis and speak often. The numbers I needed were getting so close to reaching Emerald and the girls and I decided to buckle down and focus! And with that, it finally happened! EMERALD! Because of my team, this was achievable.

My team helped me be successful! The love, commitment and dedication on my team is what helped me reach Emerald. The fact that I have my amazing friends and mentors such as Lillian and Mick Sutton, played a massive part in achieving my success because they helped keep me accountable and they strongly encouraged me. The personal development I have gained from working closely with Lil and Mick has been huge and life-changing. I have learned so much about myself, and it has helped me to understand others better. My husband, who is my best friend and number one fan, has been my inspiration and motivation to not give up on our dreams. He helps in every way that he can to allow me the time to focus on my business. The support and love from my family is incredible. Attending events is a huge must-do, regardless of where the events are. They are a priority to attend, as it’s always said, “Leaders are born at events,” which I believe whole-heartedly. What blows me away, though, is the love and support I’ve received from my team (who were once strangers, however, are now great friends) and also the wider community within NuCerity.

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Krista Osen” type=”right”]“Nucerity is great because we have such an amazing and unique culture that is driven by the founders and the company, that eventually flows through to everybody.”[/blockquote]

Nucerity is great because we have such an amazing and unique culture that is driven by the founders and the company, that eventually flows through to everybody. Everyone within our community is loving and caring. We have all become one big epic, fun, loving family. You can be a downline, sideline or a crossline, and within the community there is always someone who is willing and happy to help. The personal growth that comes with the business side of NuCerity is truly life-changing. The value that comes with everything NuCerity-related is priceless.

The products have completely changed my skin. I never had terrible or “bad” skin but it could have always been better. Since using our amazing products, my skin has completely changed, it is so soft and smooth, my pores have shrunk, and I love my skin more than ever. With the products working for me, it has made it so simple to share with others. I will never stop using these products.

The advice I have for others is to work closely with your upline and your team. This business is all about duplication and helping others. Also, a huge part of what we do is communication! You need to communicate often with your team and upline, and follow the system. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Find someone within our community that you connect with and feel inspired by, and follow their actions. Be coachable and use the tools we have been given. Finally, get to every event you can!!

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