Tell me about your way to Emerald?
It was something I had been looking for a long time, however like everything, sometimes you have ups and downs, and just 2 months before achieving the rank I started from scratch again, I thought I needed a team with new and committed people, I made a meeting with mothers of the school of my babies and everything was settled, I can say that it was really 2 months of commitment and focus!!! And the long-awaited emerald arrived !!!! 🙂

What helped you to be successful?
My team, definitely, nothing can be achieved alone and one of the people responsible was the Diamond Monica Martinez, she is my friend and mentor, and without her many things would not have happened. Also, my family’s support, my husband was a great motivator and inspiration for me and undoubtedly all the people who are part of my team who are now my friends and my family by choice.

What makes NuCerity the most unique and great for you?
We have a “family” that does not leave you, are those “families” that you know you have all around the country and can help you grow and develop at all levels, I love to know that NuCerity is in so many countries and that we have no limits of growth !!

How have the products worked for you?
My skin was not the same 2 years ago, and by far all products have a particularity, love to see how my skin changes and improves every day!!! Every day, I am a great witness of effectiveness for my team and for those who know me out of business.

What business or training advice do you share with others?
Lately, I’ve been talking about the importance of understanding that it is a business for life, not for a month, not for a day, it is a Business than to those who know it and have worked for, changed our lives radically!!! I repeat THE MOST VALUABLE CHECKS ARE AFTER THE 6th MONTH, always work with the duplication and commitment of business for a minimum of one year and nobody will leave with empty hands.

My Story:
Two years ago, a very good friend of the family and professional in network marketing, with more than 40 years of experience in other companies, invited me to listen to now diamond Mónica Mtz …. I really want to confess that nothing else called my attention more as the business part, and the compensation plan, since I had been already more than 10 years dedicated to a well-known multilevel for selling cosmetics by catalog …. I had been waiting 10 years for my numbers to improve, however just because of the amount of years that the cosmetics company had at that time in business, there was no way to grow and create an organization (everyone knew the other company already) so I opt to change the “T-shirt” and try something new; 5 months after saying YES to NuCerity, I had already earned what I had earned in 10 years with the other company, and of course I did not turn back … it was the best decision of my life, and now, after two years I have one of the most important teams of all Puebla and I have known the most extraordinary people of the world!!! People who think and see life just like me! People with vision and thirst to undertake, I do not change this for anything in the world!!!!!

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