NuCerity congratulates one of our newest Rubies, Cecile Barbaroux, from Mexico City, Mexico. Find out her tips for building a successful business and Creating Beautiful Lives.

My road to Ruby has been a stage of a lot of learning. My mentor, Laurita, always tells me that the rank goes hand in hand with personal development. If I’m telling the truth, at first, I did not believe it, but it is actually 100% true. I am fascinated, since I did not advance or keep myself there without first working to become the best version of myself. You have to forget the ego and help others.

Before I knew the NuCerity products, I had dermatitis. The symptoms were very red and irritated skin areas and small pimples that worsened with the sun. I went to several dermatologists who told me I was intolerant to the sun or dermatitis. One of them gave me an antibiotic treatment which destroyed my stomach, and another one controlled me with cortisone. However as soon as I suspended it the medicine, the issue would return.

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“CECILE BARBAROUX” type=”right”]“The key to success is to help others fulfill their goals and dreams. ”[/blockquote]

I started using Skincerity and after one month my misery disappeared!! Now sometimes when I go to the sun I get the pimples back, but with one Skincerity application, they disappear again.

The key to success is to help others fulfill their goals and dreams. That is something that I love to do. This business does not feel like work. I really enjoy the company of others very much and love being able to help them.

[pullquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“CECILE BARBAROUX” type=”left”]“Something that has been a key to this business is patience and empathy. ”[/pullquote]

Something that has been a key to this business is patience and empathy. Since we do not all have the same timing, the key is to believe in all and be aware of the moment to support others when they are ready. Take the time to know each of the people who have trusted. Understand what made them say “yes” to this business and do not let them go.

For me, the most incredible thing about NuCerity is freedom! To be able to work from where I want and to be able to manage my time (along with residual income) are wonderful things. I had never been paid while being on vacations.

Being with my family is something that is priceless for me, and with this business I’ve been able to be close to my children and generate income to travel and do much more, I’ve also been able to grow as a person more than I ever could have imagined.

Another unique factor of NuCerity is that everyone can earn what they want! The earnings don’t have a bumper, and it adapts to all. I do not know where you can earn so much by each one’s own unique rhythm.

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