Nucerity came along at a time in my life when I wasn’t looking for it. It was a gift given to me – a gift I now continue to offer to those open to it, and a continually giving gift for so many reasons.

Some precious people in my life saw what this opportunity could be for me and my family long before I even did. They generously gifted me with the opportunity to start this business and it was at the time when I had a limited understanding of what that meant, as it was all so new. I was incredibly humbled, grateful and excited by the rapid results I saw for the pit scarring, stretch marks, and hormonal acne I still had had for over 15 years. My friends saw this as a real opportunity for me to build residual income, have flexibility and choice, and bring balance to my home, as well as a means of financing the things placed on my heart for the future (but I didn’t see this at first). I was quite happy to accept the challenge to have my product use covered and allow others to hear about how amazing the products were.

I began this journey when I was working long hours as a full time early childhood educator and a Mum of one. At that point, I was happy to refer others who asked, but it was primarily about my own personal use and repair.

[pullquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Heidi Mullender” type=”left”]“I remember realizing that I need to take full responsibility for my own business and my own personal development.”[/pullquote]

When we discovered that we were finally pregnant with our miracle girl after 7 years of trying, I felt in my spirit the “go ahead” to really run with it. Like a sprinter out of the blocks, I was off! With no business background and often completely out of my depth, I just committed to it regardless of how I felt or how it went, and relied on the incredible support of our team to ride the rollercoaster of highs and lows. I listened to countless webinars and clips and desired to learn from others who have gone before me. I remember realizing that I need to take full responsibility for my own business and my own personal development. I was often guilty of over thinking things!

I plugged away in the good and bad, when people said “no” and didn’t get it, and when friends and family recoiled and didn’t understand. I cried out for help when it became overwhelming and eased off as the demands of life as a mum and wife swept in and out.
I ranked Gold when our daughter was 2 weeks old and was out doing info sessions in her first week of life because it just fit.

My friends will attest that sprinting is still my default way of operating, with a few timely reminders that it’s a marathon with the long term commitment that all good things require. But oh, waiting for people who get the vision (as you do) and run with it is so worth the wait!

There have been multiple moments where I have felt that I am just not cut out for this. I was acutely aware that I had no prior skills in business or sales and did not want to be ‘salesy’ or make people feel pressured. I had many legitimate reasons to cry “no time!” – full time work, mum of two (including a newborn), juggling artist commissions, and supporting a wonderful husband in a new, stressful job. Many times I have needed to pray and then sleep on the idea of quitting, and every time I would wake up, keep going, and enroll someone new. Fist pump moments continued and increased and I learned to celebrate the small things with all of those on the journey.

The good completely outweighs the challenges. There are so many people I have met, and beautiful friendships because of this journey, and the personal growth I have had as I have been stretched in a completely safe, positive and supportive context is something words can’t explain. The flexibility to be able to stay at home with my children and choose to return to my career for the love of it rather than the necessity is priceless. I am a different person through this journey and I’m grateful for all I’ve learned so far and will continue to learn. The teacher in me who loves life long learning is happy.

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Heidi Mullender” type=”right”]“The flexibility to be able to stay at home with my children and choose to return to my career for the love of it rather than the necessity is priceless.”[/blockquote]

There have been a few a-ha moments for me on this journey. One was when I realized that rather than taking money out of people’s pockets, I can actually put money IN their pockets. This has become a reality as I have sought to serve the team I’ve been blessed with, and there is no greater feeling than helping others I care about get paid. I consider Nucerity a gift I can offer others – it is completely their choice whether they chose to accept that gift, but I’ll share it regardless. Learning how to share that gift is the key to success in my opinion and then assisting others to do the same. It is not my right to choose for someone whether these products or the opportunity is for them or not.

It’s moments like that which have led me to encourage my team to plug into the community, engage with others and all of the support we have until they have their own revelations that will solidify what this opportunity can be for them. I encourage you to embrace mentorship from those in the business who offer it or seek it out if you haven’t found it already – this community is full of people passionate about seeing everyone succeed.

Through the course of time and remaining committed, regardless of how I felt at times, seeing what the products and opportunity have done for those around me and then experiencing that personally has made my belief in what Nucerity can be as a vehicle for people rock solid. I believe people are created for community and appreciate all that this unique community brings.

I’m so incredibly grateful for this opportunity and to have the flexibility of time, to be involved in my family’s world as much as possible, and to be able to build something that will be a vehicle to fund what I am passionate about into the future with no limits.

I am proof that anyone can do this if you are coachable, committed, and get rid of your excuses! I hope that the way I approach business echos the love and purpose I have received so that it blesses those who embrace it alongside me.

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