NuCerity congratulates one of our newest Rubies, Ricci Jess, from Perth, Western Australia. Find out her tips for building a successful business and Creating Beautiful Lives

When I found Nucerity, I was not looking for a new business opportunity. The timing certainly wasn’t right, but this opportunity was way too good to not jump on board and give it my all. 

This incredible technology is so unique. To have a product that competes with literally nothing else on the market, with never before seen breakthrough technology and a ground level business opportunity with an incredible company of real people is truly amazing.
It offers a business plan that is second to none and real commission paid weekly. 
Who could say no or walk away from this opportunity?? Certainly not me. Did I have time when I was introduced to this opportunity? That would be a BIG “no way!” 

I had an 8-month-old, a 2-year-old, was doing hairdressing from home, and had our house on the market when I said yes to Nucerity! Plus, a sick father in law whom we sadly lost. Which meant adding a grieving family to list. While I grieved, I also played Houdini for home opens (toddlers and babies have so much stuff)! Packed up a house, moved, and unpacked a house while doing minor renovations. 

[pullquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Ricci Jess” type=”left”]“Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. ”[/pullquote]

Did I still manage to build a team, get paid, and rank to gold in those crazy six weeks I mentioned above? Oh yeah I did! Because unlike other companies, we work as a team and support one another. We all build together and we rise together. 

My husband and I understood that Nucerity was the company to get behind and we needed to get behind it fast!  I had zero time free to commit, but I was so passionate and wanted all my nearest and dearest to know about this opportunity before everyone else did! You want people to hear about it first from you. 

I had a previous 2 year experience with another MLM company and could recognize that not only was I so lucky to have a stand-alone product in my hands, but most excitingly, this business was set to explode in a serious way.  I had already experienced distributing in a saturated market, and was super excited that Nucerity was completely debt free and about to hit momentum. 

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Ricci Jess” type=”right”]“Always move forward, never stand still. Tip toe if you need to, sprint when you can, but always move forward.”[/blockquote]

In my last endeavour with NWM I never felt right about bringing my friends on board. I didn’t recruit. I let people come to me.  With Nucerity, I honestly feel like I am doing the wrong thing by not letting them know about how they can set their families up for life with this ground floor opportunity of sharing a product range that is helping so many people with some serious stuff – life changing stuff!

With NuCerity products, people are now avoiding dangerous plastic surgeries, cortisone creams, medication and injectables. They are reducing scarring from previous surgeries and wounds. They are seriously tightening and lifting their skin, relieving painful skin conditions and fighting horrible acne and scarring. My Skin has never been better, and I am so grateful that Elite has relieved my inflammatory arthritis. 

The only way you can fail in this business is to quit. This is a very exciting business full of highs, but there will come times like anything worth having that it won’t be easy. This is when you need to remember the opportunity in front of you, the reason you said yes, and the reason you need this opportunity in your life.  Rely on your uplines to help guide you in your business while you learn. We have already made all the mistakes, and we know what works so you don’t need to build by trial and error.  We have pioneered the path and streamlined the process for you so you can get there with half the effort in half the time. Make your decision to give it the time it needs to build, and then make your commitment to the time you can invest into your business to build your empire – then stick to it! 

Always move forward, never stand still. Tip toe if you need to, sprint when you can, but always move forward.  They say don’t reinvent the wheel. It doesn’t mean you can’t make the wheel the best damn wheel you’d ever seen!  Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 
Push past what feels comfortable to you, you be amazed what you can do when you stop telling yourself you can’t. 

Most importantly, reach down and help your team build and help them share this incredible technology with their network and their networks contacts. Think big! There is a whole world out there. People need this product, they just don’t know it exists yet. I am so excited for where this company will go and am forever grateful I was introduced to NuCerity!

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