NuCerity congratulates one of our newest Rubies, Laura Ramirez, from Western Australia. Find out her tips for building a successful business and Creating Beautiful Lives.

It is amazing to see how you are transformed in Nucerity! When I started advancing in my ranks, the truth is that I had no idea what a star, superstar, or bronze was…. I was surprised when I started to have economic benefits and I saw that even without knowing the compensation plan fully, I was being rewarded for sharing something that I loved.

And so, I saw that each step was increasing responsibility with me and my team. I noticed that hitting each rank came at the right time, because it meant having a strong team, perseverance, and helping many people. It also meant recognizing that you have contributed to change lives, build dreams, and accomplish goals. Hitting ruby for me was a lighthouse, which helped me to focus and address it with constancy and work; Now my lighthouse is the emerald.

Success in life is not measured by what you achieve, but by the obstacles you overcome. Being successful is a daily task. It is to cheer yourself on because you dared to make that call, you said yes to help your team, you held your first opportunity meeting, you scheduled your appointments, and you prepared yourself to be a better person for when you are a better person.

[blockquote style=”color:rgb(90, 43, 134)” cite=“Laura Ramirez” type=”right”]“It is the humble and simple steps that make you feel successful and happy at the end of the day.”[/blockquote]

It is the humble and simple steps that make you feel successful and happy at the end of the day.

NuCerity is unique because of the values are something that “matched” with me. I am a person who recognizes that when you bring your life values to your world, family, and your work space, people are thankful and that ultimately changes the environment and thus changes your life.

I am happy when I see the evolution of my team. We are different when we join the business and see each person grow and move forward. Even with the fear of not doing it correctly, we empower ourselves, and then they realize you are doing something valuable. Regardless of having beautiful skin, your heart is evolving in an incredible way.

Originally, I fell in love at first sight with Skincerity. I loved feeling the skin soft and moisturized, and then meeting the other six products was wonderful. Now all of them are my favorite and I cannot live without one.
My business advice would be to “ask that to who knows”, which is a phrase that I like to apply. I follow the steps of those who have already traveled the way (of the big ones who always leave a positive mark), and here at NuCerity, we have many inspiring examples.

My strategy has been constant. The work and heart, when I decide to do something is what drives me and I do it seriously and in the most professional way. If I need training, I look for it, research it, read it, hear it, and duplicate it. I get involved with the people in my team. I listen to them, try to understand them, and if I know their WHY, we work together with more desire, friendship, effort and unity. I recognize their work, their commitment, their desire, and their daily effort. Thanks to them, I am here. I am sure that I will soon be applauding rubies, emeralds, AND diamonds because they all shine with their own light! There is no unachievable goal, only people who get tired midway, and my team is TIRELESS!

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